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Places to Visit

Places to Visit in Senegal


Senegal is a unique combination of good weather, culture, architectural heritage and natural attractions. From this alchemy was born the extraordinary aura of a universal and authentic country whose inclusion of a good number of its sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List proves its exceptional value.


From city to city, from village to village, the atmospheres follow and complement each other without resembling each other, with everywhere this very much alive tradition, that of a smile, of openness to the world and of the natural hospitality with which we welcome our guests.

Saint Louis

The Saint-Louis district appeals to history buffs and often gives the impression of being transported to another era as soon as you pass the Eiffel-style Pont Faidherbe. The city holds important testimonies of its prestigious past, and this cultural and architectural heritage, the city has been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2000.


In this area, biodiversity is incomparable. Water and land are intertwined, river and sea mingle. And like a gigantic oasis, the Senegal River delta is the last stop for thousands of migratory birds.


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Beyond the originality and richness of the culture, it is in an extraordinary richness and naturalness. Une Afrique verdoyante où océan, fleuve, mangroves, palmeraies, rizières, forêts profondes et savane se côtoient. The envoûte acceleration in the region, the highlights of the best and best baobabs, the most convenient phones and documents, the original and true nature of civilization, on the boat and on the sea.


La Haute Casamance is the best forest zone forests and wilderness forests du Sénégal Oriental for the best transition. Sédhiou and sound contreforts,
sont le fief des « kankouran» and du «Djambadong», la danse des feuilles. Excursions for amateurs and responsibilities, facilitate rural local development to engage rural local people


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Sine Saloum

The Sine Saloum district, south of Dakar, is a hybrid region filled with undeniable magic and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Designated as one of the most beautiful places in Senegal, the Saloum delta covers an area of approximately 180,000 hectares. An ornithological paradise, this area is also home to many mammals (hyenas, monkeys, wild boar, dolphins, manatee) and reptiles (turtles, crocodiles, monitor lizards). Saloum, which is also a fish district, is home to 114 fish species (barracuda, grouper, carp, oyster, etc.).


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